Amanita muscaria Anecdotes

Steven Pollock, J. Psych Treatment Oct-Dec 1975.

“As soon as we returned to good friend’s residence, we boiled six caps of various dimensions. Frank consumed two in his mushroom soup and I ate four (the identical outdated dose being one to four caps). The model was one factor like hen. Curiously, I grew to change into nauseated inside minutes nonetheless the sensation was fleeting. Inside a half hour I noticed many peculiar outcomes. Audition grew to change into enhanced and synesthesias grew to change into distinguished with multi-modality overflow. I began to model odors, to small tastes, and even to hearken to odors and tastes. Seen disturbances had been almost non-existent, nonetheless I noticed frequent recurrent gustatory, olfactory and auditory flashes. Tactile sensation grew to change into markedly enhanced. Occasional moments of nausea occurred all through the primary two hourse of the experience, nonetheless then the pseudo-delirium settled proper right into a profound euphoric state of consciousness. Equilibrium was affected as by ethyl alcohol all by the intoxication, nonetheless mentation in distinction remained unimpaired. After six hours, though nonetheless beneath the Amanita have an effect on, I retired for a night of sound sleep. Frank expert a state of wellbeing and restfulness with none nausea. He felt a sharpening of auditory, gustatory, and tactile sensations. Whereas having a bathe all through the night time, Frank appeared to model cleanliness and he later slept properly.

“Only a few days later we as soon as extra tempted our future nonetheless with dried Amanitas. I ate four caps and Frank consumed three. Each of us expert a pleasant intoxication with solely mild sensory alterations along with refined echo patterns. Frank did actually really feel nauseated, nonetheless, for the first half hour, nonetheless the predominant influence afterwards was induction of euphoria. A nonintoxicated observer noticed no distinctive changes in our conduct.”


“Analysis of Amanita” J. Psych Treatment Jan-Mar 1976.
Jonathan Ott

“On two occasions throughout the fall of 1975, I ingested dried caps of Amanita muscaria from Washington. The mushroom caps had been eaten as `Amanita chips,’ and had been tasty. On the first occasion, I ingested the chips along with numerous grams of Psilocybe cyanescens Wakefield from Washington which had been estimated to comprise a minimal of 1 p.c psilocin dry weight. The influence expert subsequently don’t have any bearing on Amanita toxicity. On the second occasion, I ingested about 30 grams of the dried caps, and after an hour began to experience a very nice opium-like sedation with slight seen phenomena, identical to these described for Amanita pantherina intoxication, although of lesser depth. I expert distinct muscarinic outcomes, characterised by profuse salivation and mild perspiration. Three associates who ingested the mushrooms with me reported comparable outcomes. The muscarinic indicators had been not at all unpleasant. Each these influence had been as a consequence of muscarine throughout the carpophores (throughout which case Amanita muscaria from Washington ought to comprise a lots bigger focus of muscarine than is reported for European specimens), or they’d been produced by some yet-unidentified compound with muscarinic train.

“As soon as extra, I expert no nausea or completely different adversarial outcomes. The intoxication was expert for about 5 hours, after which I went to sleep and awoke the next morning with no after-effects. All through the experience I noticed a reasonably profound diminution of coordination and stability, outcomes identical to superior phases of ethanol intoxication. There have been, nonetheless, no outcomes of clouding of consciousness or slurring of speech. One in every of many associates who ingested the mushrooms with me expert slight nausea, nonetheless no completely different adversarial outcomes had been reported.”


Amanita pantherina anecdote.
Jonathan Ott

“Throughout the spring of 1975, after ending the above survey, I collected some early specimens of Amanita pantherina near Tenino, Washington. I sliced and sauteed the mushrooms, and divided them into six components, consisting of about one half cup of cloth each. The six components had been ingested by myself and 5 associates, one amongst whom ingested solely half of a dose, the remaining half being ingested, along with a full portion, by one different of my associates. All of us liked the model of the mushrooms.

“After an hour had elapsed, I had concluded that the dosage diploma was too low, and had retired to my residence to assemble a hearth and analysis. About 90 minutes after ingestion, nonetheless, whereas hyperventilating into my picket vary in an attempt to begin out the fireside, I noticed that I was experiencing changes in seen notion. These outcomes grew to change into stronger over the next hour or some, and had been characterised by sensing an `alive prime quality’ in inanimate objects, wavy motion throughout the seen space like a Van Gogh canvas (no color notion was associated to the motion, nonetheless, as is so typically encountered following ingestion of LSD, psilocybin, or mescaline), and mild distortion of dimension, distance and depth notion. Auditory hallucination had been moreover distinguished — significantly the influence, known as `anahata sounds’ of yoga, of listening to prime quality high-pitched looks like bells and violin strings. I expert solely slight impairment of motor coordination and stability, akin to will be produced by a small amount of ethanol, equal to 2 or three bottles of beer. In distinction to the influence of ethanol, nonetheless, there was no slurring of speech or clouding of consciousness. Whereas I felt as if my conciousness was indirectly eradicated and distant from the setting, I expert a means of good readability, as I normally experience following ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. It appeared to me that the psychic influence had been emanating from the `ajna chakra’, the so-called `third eye’ — a locus above and between the eyes. I expert no muscular spasms, cramps, vomiting, or nausea of any kind. The experience was utterly pleasurable, and lasted about seven hours. I was struck by the distinctive prime quality of the influence whereas I uncover the psychic outcomes of LSD, psilocybin-containing mushrooms, and peyote to be comparable, to be, as a result of it had been, on a continuum of related experience, I felt the Amanita pantherina was distinctly utterly completely different.

“Of my 5 associates, two expert slight nausea, and only one felt drowsy. This explicit particular person slept for about an hour, and awoke feeling refreshed. Two of my associates alleged that that they’d not at all been so extreme on hallucinogenic drugs sooner than. One amongst these associates, the one which ingested half as soon as extra as numerous the fried mushrooms as I, expert a complete dissociative response, and was unable to talk with the rest of the group for about 5 hours. Whereas on this state, he was periodically making an attempt to articulate his concepts, nonetheless was utterly incapable of communication. All through this a part of his intoxication, we had been talking about this historic previous of Fly amanita and urine ingestion in Siberia. The subject throughout the dissociated state later reported the experience of vivid waking targets which had been related, by the use of bizarre imagery, to the issues of the conversations we had been conducting spherical him. After about 5 hours of dissociative experience, the subject began to reestablish contact with the rest of us and inside 90 minutes was completely rational, though shaken and frightened. None of us expert any after-effects.”

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